Sunday, May 13, 2007

Alvinisms 293

"I am not dumb now."

-Helen Keller

Did you know: Helen Keller could speak some words by touching mouths, tongue, and a lips.

Thought of the day: We work, we play, we do a lot of things inbetween. Sometimes it nice just to sit down in the shade (or sun) and take in life. Not just listening to music or the wind pass. But to appreciate all the things going on around us. Appreciate that old tree that has seen everything grow from the forest it grew up in to being up rooted and planted in the neighborhood to the houses being built. Appreciate that there are thousands of lives so close to us that are their own universe in itself. Is the universe ununfathomably huge? YES! Now try to take in that each person has their own, and it makes it even more amazing. Yes, this is a quazi-emo post but thats just what's going on in my brain. I think Imma dwell on it for a bit...Peace. Love. Faith.

Random thought of the day: What do you do if you get caught by parents? I've heard some funny stories and would love to hear yours! Holla back!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Backslash face

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, old roommate, teammate, captain, brother; Leo. This was the best living situation I've ever had. Fatcho, Leo Ports, and I. We'd watch "Dude where's my Car?" or "Little Nicky" everyday. Good times my friend. Love you man.
Fried macaroni and cheese was okay.
Fredo of UFX chose to look exactly like me. Maybe I should grow a soul patch...
I think Leo liked it. Cheers my friend!

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