Monday, May 07, 2007

Alvinisms 291

Freddy says, "I feel like dancin..."

TJ replies, "You wanna go dance?"

-True dialogue from Cinco De Mayo at Excelsior (questionable man...questionable)

Did you know: There is a ghost in the Mira Mesa shop? Check it out on youtube son!!!

Thought of the day: 3 of my cousins are coming from the Philippines next week and I'm pretty stoked to finally have family here in America. Of course its only fora vacation but its better than nothing. For those you you who don't know, I only have an aunt who lives all the way in Canada. So my Christmas' were always like 5 minutes long that went like this. "Yeah, thank you mom, dad, Alan, Boogie (old German Shepard), and thank you Santa. Good night."

Random thought of the day: If you ask someone "how's it going?" and they reply, "how's it going?" do you wait for their answer or was that it? I dunno. This just happened to me at the PQ shop a while ago and I had the dumbest puzzled look on face for a while.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Jenny dressed ghetto fab.

Rock N Roll tight jeans.

These aren't the only embarassing pics I've taken. Yesterday I received the school pictures we took. Yeah, like the 4th grade pictures...oh no.

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