Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alvinisms 288

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed."

-Corito Kent

Did you know: The Flamingo was openned by the mobster "Bugsy" Siegel.

Thought of the day: Ahh, back from Vegas and it was dope and different. First of all we stayed in the biggest room I've ever stayed in. Literally, it was so big that we could have fit 20 people to kick it. Nize man. Nize. Preezy and I had an intertesting weekend that included those big ol tubes full of daquiris. Those things sure can do a doozy on you.

Preez and I went up Stratosphere to get some good views of Vegas but were too chicken to ride the rides that take you over the edge so nothing too suspensful there. And the we took cab back and the taxi driver was cussing a lot cuz the people in front of us were being stubborn and saying mean things about them. It sounded like this, "Those mother f*@&in cheap a$$e$. Dem are so f*@#in cheap. F*@#%in don't know what dey want!" It was pretty funny. When we got back we gambled a bit and then waited for Suze to get there cuz she and her cousins and friends were gonna crash with us.

The morning after we all had some dope Korean BBQ off the Strip and then crashed again. Later we refilled our killer daquiri tubes and looked at the new Planet Hollywood. You know what it looked looked like the old Aladdin. Ho hum. Its cool. Anyway, so we didnt make it out to the afterpart of Boogiewars so we didn't meet up w/ TK, FreeHugs, RaeRae, Stankers, and the rest of the crew so we just gambled a little more and then had a really dope dinner. Oh my God, I'm love w/ pork loins now.

Sunday morning consisted of souvenir shopping and some Arbys. Yummee in my tummee! Okay, pictures to come later cuz I still have to catch up on some others. Bye friends!

And congratulations to TK for becoming the head of Victory Entertainment, lets all support him and his events! Peace. Love. Faith.

Random thought of the day: Bowflex has been around for a long time.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-No more daquiris

Freddy, JR, Justin, Rocco and I like skating the mini ramp. But beware the turtles in the back!

This is Spencer, he is a shop rider and one of the guys from
Check it out!!!

Some of my black kids that try to harass me at the shop. I call them the Skegros. Skegros = Skateboarding Negros.

Fatcho doing some touch up Mira Mesa. Looks good my friend!

I brought the camera to work and took some spy photos. Maybe talking to a girlprend?

Chris, Mike and Nolan. Nolan has long beautiful hair. When his mom took him to the barber shop she asked the lady, "Can you give him something more manly?" But it still was a little fem, so now I call him Jennifer Aniston.

We trapped a geisha in the gates of the shop. Oddly, she looks comfortble back there. She has food, water, a plant for fresh air, reading material, and her dignity.

Willys Workshop Mira Mesa is now open!

I spy George taking inventory and Cal shopping.

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