Sunday, April 08, 2007

Alvinisms 278

"You live and learn. At any rate, you live."

-Douglas Adams

Did you know: If you keep a living goldfish in a completly dark room, it will eventually turn white.

Thought of the day: Being sick on the weekend suck, especially on this one cuz its Easter weekend and I feel like a sack of crap. Sore throats that feel like you wanna stab yourself in the neck are a pain. Runny noses while trying to eat or sleep suck. Nasal congestion is the worst when you wanna sleep or just get on with life. Overall, my health is big bag of suck right now and the Airbourne that I've been taking everyday just doesn't seem to cut it. Well, there is just one more week and the school is on Spring Break so I'll see how feel by then.

Saturday night at Excelsior wasn't super packed but it seemed like everyone still had a good time and everyone was mingling and whatnot. I was the designated driver so I stopped drinking about halfway through the night! Kudos to me! Preezy got her buzz on on the dance floor and Rene and I reminisced about the good ol ice hockey days and whatnot. Overall a very good night that ended up at Alvaro's as usual. Nize.

Paychecks are nice, especially when you receive two of them! Working the school and the shop are two really cool jobs that I don't mind going to. One mostly put money in the bank and the other puts clothes on my back, and food in Preez and I's stomach. Which bring me onto the next subject!

On Wednesday Preezy and I will be hitting up the Pantages theatre to watch Wicked! I know I know, Wednesday is an awkward day to watch a musical but it cuts the workweek in half and that's always a good thing. Can't wait!

Don't forget to come celebrate Ollie's and Ron's bday this friday that also has a skateboard artwork competition, so it should be dope! Have a good one my friends. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Few more days!

In that crazy country of Japan, they've upped even themselves. Through out the Tamagochi, tos the Nintendog, cuz now they have robot chickens that don't poo and you don't have to feed. They do respond to human touch and whatnot. This what every 24 year old man dreams of!

This is a useless and pointless picture and I think may only pertain to myself because I love bagels. This guy instead of putting his bagel sandwich in a bag and risk it getting all over the place, he put it on a CD spindle! How clever.

This is for the nerd in me. The Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt old school 8 bit Nintendo nerd. That tie is awesome. But it doesn't hide the fact that his emo hair and beanie are funny.

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