Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Alvinisms 269

"Why would you want to get that big?" said a kid at the shop staring at a Max Muscle Magazine.

"Watch 300 and you'll see" replied Fatcho wittily.

"Haha, fo sho" commented an elated Alvinism.

"Oh that movie? Yeah, they're buff" added the kid as he fixated his eyes on the gigantic quadriceps and hamstings of Mr. Universe or something. "But how can you do it if you're legs are that huge?"

"This conversation is not longer acceptable for discussion at the shop. I do not feel comfortable maintaining a conversation about the topic" finished Alvinism.

-This is a true conversation that happened at the shop, maybe not exactly word for word but pretty close.

Did you know: If you rub an onion on your feet an hour later you will tast onion. (thank to my friend Kim in England!)

Thought of the day: My friend Christopher gets the award for the most thoughtful blog of the year. I really appreciated the thought and heart he put into his writing. Some may call it emo, but I call it balls. To put your heart out there for the world to see (given they know how to find it) takes a lot of courage, trust, self confidence, and many more untangibles. While I'm on this topic of blogs, I've noticed a giant resurgence of blogs, this is not a bad thing. I'm glad people are putting it out there, what they believe and whatnot, getting crap off your chest or putting out effort to send good vibes is a good thing. Enough of blog talk on a blog (even though I don't call mine a blog, I call it a contribution to WBZ website and your daily grind a work). Keep up the good work mindless drones, Karl Marx once said "the workers of the world have nothing nothing to lose but their chains. Unite and conquer and you'll have nothing to lose but your chains and everything to gain."

My best friend Eddie and my other friend Rend are going to Osaka, Japan today and is gonna be staying w/ Vince whom I went to teach English in Japan with. That should be super dope. Have a safe trip my friend. Tell Vincet-San and Paige-San I said "Ohayo gozaimas!!!" I do miss being in Japan living a different lifestyle that not even a handful of us get to experience. Living there and visiting there are two completely different experiences and I'm glad I got to do both. Too bad we can't live and experience everything but we can try to see and understand most of it, that is one of my goals in life. Experience life in different parts of the world and understand their struggles, happiness, and everything else that makes them them. Peace. Love. Faith

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz


I didn't really have any pictures to put up, and I was writing while taking a poo. So I took this on the toilet in the sepia tone cuz it's brown. How fitting huh!?!

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