Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Alvinisms 221

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards."

-Vernon Sanders Law

Did you know: The Wildboyz are having our 9th annual Christmas Party! Yippeeee!!! Japanese Did you know: There is approx. 1 vending machine for every 5 people in Japan. You can be hiking throught the mountains in Japan w/ no one around and eventually run into a vending machine.

Thought of the day: Last minute shopping can be a doozy. Little things, gifts, errands, bills, etc etc etc. Its gonna be another broke Christmas unless Vince wires me my paycheck once it gets put in! Oh man, payday is sooooo exciting, especially when they are in the 4 digit catagory! Can't believe I'm here in Japan. Can't believe I'll spend Xmas and New Years w/ my family. Can't believe I've accomplished sooo much out here. Can't believe I've experienced more in 3 months than some people do in a year or more here. Sugoi!!! Pictures and videos for everyone to see! Peace. Love. Faith. Sayonara Japan. Nihongo was fun.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-mint chocolate chip, burts bees wax, cell phone :)

Come to Willys Workshop for some goodies, autographs, and of course the fabulous shop employees and Wildboyz

Yeah I know, the new shop decks are off the chain huh!!! Go to the shop and cop one for you and a love one. But it for Xmas and spread the joy of skateboarding. Merry Christmas!

Preez and I hit up the Kaiyukan Aquarium and the giant ferris wheel. It was pretty cool but very crowded. At least all the animals were awake and out and about including the one below!

A Japanese Santa Claus was feeding dolphins w/ guess what...Japanese fish...yeah thats right! Real authentic Japanese fish...from Japan! Sugoi!!!

I'm sure you've seen the pics of fish and stuff from previous Alvinisms but these are weird cuz they just swim in a circle w/ their mouths open.

It was kinda hard to capture the size of whale shark let alone get a clear picture of a moving object w/ no flash in a dim area. Ho hum. It's pretty impressive.

The only thing more abundant than vending machines here is Hello Kitty everything. You can walk into an electrical building and they'll probably try to sell a Hello Kitty wire stripper. Preez found her heaven.

Oops I've been mistaken. Another thing that is ridiculouly abundant here are charms. Everyone has one on their phones, bags, shoes, etc. from little girls to gangstas to old salarymen. You ain't Japanese unless you got a little dangly thing chillin off you shizz. Swear to bob.

The biggest ferris wheel I've ever been on. Thanks Preez! I spy a dope Hanshin Tigers hat.

On the left you have the Suntory Museum and IMAX theatre. Vince, Jonathan, his wife Nikki, and I saw the Pompeii exhibit here and watched a Deep Sea 3D IMAX...IN JAPAN! On the right, you can see the Kaiyukan Aquarium and on the bottom right is a mall that leads to the ferris wheel. On the other side of the ferris wheel is Universal Studios Japan and the City Walk! Sugoi!

Im not really into turkey so for thanksgiving in Japan Preezy, Vince, Paige, and I ate a dope Hawaiian burger place in Namba Parks. Preez had mahi mahi, Vince had Pineapple burger, I had the avocado, and forgot what Paige had. Happy Thanksgiving!

The green phone is Paiges w/ a Hello Kitty in a Canadien Mapleleaf (she's half Japanese and half French Canadien), the black on is Vince's w/ a axe for a charm, and the white one is mine w/ a Naruto charm later to be replaced w/ a Hanshin Tigers charm by Preez.

Not much is open in the morning besides Yoshinoya, McDonalds and convenience stores. But the food they sell at convenience stores is like 10 times more dank here. Bento boxes, onigiri, and everything you can think of. And when you say convenient stores, they are convenient cuz you can pay your bills here, buy concert tix, buy movie tix, and think buy some domestic flights! Sugoi!


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