Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Alvinisms 213

"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

-Benjamin Franklin

Did you know: PS3 came out here in Japan on Nov. 11! Cheaper here than on ebay! Holla atcha boy! Peaskeees!

Thought of the day: Today was a busy busy day. Today I went with Vince to Den Den town and to find Vince a wireless router and on the way I picked up some novelties for the friends back home. Then we walked around Ame-Mura and stuff and I bought an awesome book. The funny thing is that its probably one of the few things I've bought for myself and it was pretty expensive. But fo sho Imma pick up a Hanshin Tiger New Era before I leave. Curse of the Colonel will be no more! Go Tigers! Later we went to Soft Bank to get my phone squared away then played 3 puck air hockey. That was tiring, let me tell you that air hockey is dope in itself but once three pucks are flying it's insane! Vince and I conspired to buy PS3s and flip em on while eating Kaitensushi on Dotombori. Called it a night, watching Grey's Anatomy right now and waiting for my main squeeze to wake up. Hope ya'll have a great hump day! Peace. Love. Faith.

Once again, Japan one ups US as Vince and I get first dibs on the PS3 suckas!

-Alvinisms of the Wildboyz

-better and easier

Still reading the Bushido book and learning about how to live follow the way of the samurai, but this book is sooo much more interesting. Ronin are masterless samurai! Sugoi!

Mr. San Diego! 15 touchdowns in 5 games!?! Sports is good for me right now. Sorry I beat you in fantasy Vince, I guess we knows who's the champ in Japan right now! Sugoi!!!

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