Friday, October 20, 2006

Alvinisms 199, 21st in Japan

"To love is to get a glimpse of heaven."

-Karen Sunde

Did you know: In Japan, we say "Sagoi!" instead of "excellent! or great!" but i still use gnarly and I have tried getting some of them to use "fetch"! haha!

Thought of the day: So today I started my first 5 days straight of full shifts. I am not going to do this again, or at least I don't plan on it cuz I already picked up overtime for next month! Anyhow, the aquarium was pretty dope and you can't really tell how big the whale shark really is until you see it, then until you see it pass next to you!

Okay so now it the day after and Imma bout to sleep and all my overtimes is over and Imma bout to start my normal work week. Yeah! Sounds exciting right!?! Hmmppff...Anyhow, I hope ya'll have a wonderful friday and if you read this, thank you.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Flowers are nice? Points?

Just another view and another color if the stupid big ferris wheel

This time when we went to the aquarium, it was open. That is Nick in the black shirt walking away and Ben on the the right.

Did you know salamanders could grow this big!?! Yup, its the big lizard climbing the wall.

These fish don't do much, they don't even move, they pretty much just sit in one spot and stare up. Weird.

Who knew that they had penguins in Japan, its cool cuz they have a machine that makes it snow!

Eels are soo ugly.

Did you know that fish wear shoes?

This giant crab isn't even the biggest one. It is about 3/4 the size of the biggest. It was lurking in a dark corner. Oh man, it is just ridiculous. I have video of it but don't feel like posting it on youtube cuz it takes forever to post.

These shizz are are super creepy creeps. But can you imagine how much meat they have and with some butter! Daaaanggg!!!

Sorry there aren't pics of the whale shark. It was hard to get a clear pic of a shark in a tank that is constantly moving, but Preezy has the video is you wanna check it out. Really big fish man.

The jellyfish section was dope.

This crab was sick, it looked like an old wise man. I named him "Fatch" cuz he looks wise.

Time to get up close and personal.

There was an art museum but there were fish in each tank and the used to color of the fish in the art. Wow, fancy shamancy.
You can see the fish clearly through this simple contraption made of acrylic, that is a pretty sweet idea.

See!?! Its perfectly clear! Like we have goggles but our heads ain't in the tank.

The Osaka Aquarium get two thumbs up!

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