Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Alvinisms 198, 20th in Japan, more stories and pics!

"Underpromise; overdeliver."

-Tom Peters

Did you know: The shortest word in the English language to contain the letters A,B,C,D,E, and F is: ‘Feedback’

Thought of the day: I just got home from the aquarium but I'll post those pictures a little later because for now I'd like to continue with some of the the stories. Here yah go. Enjoy!

INTENSE MONDAY/FRIDAY Part 1 "the inspiration"
So my monday is now equivalent to a friday because I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Let me tell you that I had the longest day ever. I had a one on one student with the older woman and was warned that her husband had just passed and that she might want to talk about it and start crying. So right when I walk in I was super cheery and tried not to get into it, this student who was a high level really knew how to control a conversation and change the subject because 3 minutes into the conversation she brought it up and I was like, "holy moly". Lucky I kept butting in when it got a little intense, while letting her speak and vent though, and for the last 25 minutes we talked about painting and music.

Her story was very inspiring though because she took care of her dying husband who stayed home for 20 years and rarely ever left him. And now she is having problems and her friends are telling her to get out of the house and try to live the life that she coudn't while she was taking care of her husband. Mitch Albom should totally interview and write a book on her. This woman was soo sincere and caring that I almost cried in the lesson. She told me that she listened to Pavoratti and so I'm trying to download some stuff because I've known of him but now have a great reason to actually listen. She describes his voice as like "the warm mist caressing your face and taking over all senses." WOW!!!!!!!!!!! She should be writing American books or something! I also really want to see her paintings but that could be a whole nother story, ask me if you wanna hear it.

INTENSE MONDAY/FRIDAY Part 2 "the politician"

So we have this thing called "Voice" where for one lesson you just sit in a room and just talk to students. Usually its pretty fun because they want to know you and are excited to share experiences and tell you about Japan. But this day I was warned about this one guy named "the politician".

Some teachers give names to people who are totally for lack of a better word, characteristic? For example we have a room that is always freezing we call it the "Arctic". There is a student who dresses up like little miss muffet can we call her "the gardner", there is a lady who has these big fixed eyes so we she's named "the stare". Anyhow, this is only between some of the teachers and I don't know everyone yet so it's interesting to know the history of the people. On with the story.

This "politician" is supposed to be the most uptight asshole ever. Excuse my language but even my boss calls him that. He consistantly complains and will get up in the middle of the lesson and get the Japanese to pull you out and tell you what upset him. He's done it to 3 of my collegues including a nice 35-50 year old woman who is small and frail. I was shittin bricks when I found out he was in the room, so I went in there and did what I thought would work best...I talked about food. Everyone loves food and explaining their favorites and why. So for 40 mins of hell, I kept a smile and walked out like a champ. But to my dismay, Dave and Grant said, "oh you think you did well huh? Don't be surprised if you have a letter in you box from the manager saying that you did something to upset him. But its okay, no one cares about the jerk anyway. Just keep doing what you're doing." So thats it, my encounter with the rudest and crankiest person ever. He may not seem bad, but step in a room with him and you'll see. He wears a full suit and is a big dude. Over it.

Okay, more goodies to come! Hope America is taking care of all of you. And please please please pray that the whole North Korea thing doesn't get out of hand. After all Osaka is a major port and an industrial city as well so we'd be an obvious target and a more strategic target than Tokyo some say. I don't wanna freak ya'll out. Just asking for some prayer. Thank you. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Thank you for making life soo much better and this so much easier.

This is taken from a bridge in Namba of the Dotombori River off the Yotsubashi line instead of the Midosuji line. Some of you might remember the place on the left when we came here in March.

This is underneath the Namba Station close by the silver ball where everyone dances. The wavy wall is really cool cuz it changes colors and colors fly by.

They have dance competitions at the silver ball and these are last years contestants and winners. There are some gaijin (foreigners) in the pics, so I really wanna try to get in cuz I know I'm better than some of the gaijin out here.

One of the few or many things that Japan has to offer is a Teriyaki Mcburger, it also has an egg inside! It is one of my favorite burgers out here and is only 230 yen. I'll start eating these so I bulk up again cuz I'm getting thinner. Or as Leo and I would say, "theeeeennnnerr."

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