Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Alvinisms 197, 19th in Japan. Weird stories, read i!

"Alvin!!! I caught a fish!!!"

-My coworker David

Did you know: There is a park near my work where you can see monkeys.

There are several stories so I'll title them and make them bold so you can read them in one sitting or different times. I cut out two stories that I'll be putting up tomorrow cuz they are really good as well. So look forward to another episode of "The Adventures of Alvinism!"

Just when I thought I saw most of what was around my area and my work, Japan throws in another wrench. So I was walking around the mall I work in yesterday waiting for Vince to get home and I wandered into a pet store located on the 4th floor. Everything was pretty cool and I was stoked to see them selling ferrets! I thought cool, there are some weird fish and this pet store is pretty sick. Just as I was leaving I saw two cages with two lumps of fur and thought to myself, "are these guinea pigs?" When I blew my breath across the their silky fur (haha! you like my descriptive narrative! i've been reading books) the animal looked up and guess what! It was a baby monkey! I was like oh my gosh!!! But that is just the beginning of my adventures.

The next day my coworkers and I were off to our lunch and wandering around the mall to see what to eat, when Rob says "dude, look at all the laterns. There's something going on." And so instead of eating our mundane bento boxes, which really aren't mundane, we take a gander at the event too see what foods they have and what was the occasion. It turns out there was a parade happening right then and there! Enjoy the pics.

Too bad i didn't have my camera when the old dudes dressed as samurais were there.

Only in Japan will you find people dressed as ninjas eating fried chicken on the sidewalk watching the parade and waiting for their time to walk.

The most amazing arcade in the world
In referance to my quote of the day, as you can guess, I went fishing. But wait! I didn't just go fishing in any ol' lake or pier...yup I went indoor fishing in an arcade with a man-made lake!!! Though I didn't catch a fish, let me run down the list of all the shizz they got in there for admission of only 1,500 yen (roughly $15): Free arcade, rollerskating rink, a mechanical bull, bb guns, bow and arrows, karaoke, ping pong, pool, fishing, batting cages, basketball, soccer, driving range, putt putt, tennis, casino (this one isn't free but they give you 20 tokens to start and you trade them in later for money, its the japanese way of getting around the law), bowling, fishing for real fish, and those massage chairs that do the whole body including feet and arms!!! There is a lot more but I just can't remember it all! I forgot my camera in my bag, this arcade is located 3 minutes walk from my work! So no pictures this time but next time maybe but I do have pics and video on my phone.

Cute run in w/ Vince and Paige

Okay so on the lunch break of my last day I was by myself so I decided to head to a spot where they have free internet. On my way there, guess who I run into...yup...Vince and Paige on their new bikes. Now I'm not one to butt into people's business so I'm not gonna be snooping around for ya'll. But I can tell you about my experiences, so here goes this one. Yeah, so I ran into them just as they were about to go ride their bikes around the city. Thats all! Hahaha! Ya'll thought it was something juicy. But on my Tuesday they will be going to Kobe, I was gonna go but I'm pretty spent and worn out so I'll just chill at home with Nick and probably go out around Namba with him and run errands. Tomorrow all my roomies and neighbors might go to the aquarium, so we'll see.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Sleep will never feel so good w/out you

This is a bar called "Balabushka" where a lot of foreigners go. I had two Guiness and bounced cuz I have work at 10 in morning.

You see this Onigiri? Yup that is a fat slab of tuna on top. Oh boy it was delicious.

You see this pile? Yeah well its one of the greatest foods I've eaten while here in Japan. It has eggs and shrimp on top while smothered in gravy. There is mound of rice underneath that make is a complete meal and boy is it delicious and only 350 yen!!!

Some people think the same no matter what country.

Sometimes when I venture off I like to take random photos. Here's one in Dotombori.

The building I work in. Its called Plat Plat.

Its also a mall and I think its called Plat Plat because when the train rolls by its sound just like that, "plat plat plat plat." Seriously!!!


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