Saturday, October 14, 2006

Alvinism 196, 18th in Japan

"Its blowing smell on me!!!"

-Me. (I dunno if I used this already, but this is a quickie Alvinism anyway) Yeah, but the restaurants and stores blow smell right onto the street so you can't resist eating almost everything!

Did you know: I get paid once a month and today I got paid for only 5 days of work. Read on young one, read on.

Thought of the day: I am soooo stoked!!! So I thought my paycheck would be the babiest little thing in the world. But for 5 days I got paid around $350 US cash suckas!!! So I'm wondering what the next months full checks will be like! This is pretty sick yo! I told Preezy and she was stoked to see me stoked and told me to go enjoy. So after work I set out to take care of some errands and buy some stuff. I bought some new Sony headphones, put 2,000 yen on my phonecard so I can call my family, friends, and my niece on her birthday (Oct. 16th Reinah turns 8!). I also went grocery shopping, as usual. I'm telling you the clothes and gadgets are dope here, but what I'm most interested in is the foood!!!! Oh yeah, ya'll gotta try this pastry place called Mannekan, its like flavored waffles with toppings like apple, chocolate, walnuts, etc. It is the dopest treat walking home after work. Okay, thats about it, I just felt like sharing how stoked I was with my first baby check. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Aishuru konozyo.

Ben and I headed out for some Ramen at the Ramen Restaurant, but it was dark so I just took a picture of myself...whack.

This is the Sanrio store in Shinsaibashi, Shalihe's been here and so will Preezy when she gets here. But they pretty much sell cutesy stuff everywhere. Literally.

So in the pic, there are: two packs of 5 little pizzas, two big waters, two packs spaghetti sauce, a pack of margarine, a big 5 pack of Ramen, a small jar of spaghetti sauce, some ground beef, a beef and curry filled pasty and a mayo, cheese, bacon, potatoes, and more goodies. Both were oh sooo good!!!

This is what I bought today:tow more packs of spaghetti, two bags of shrimp chips, a water, two coffees (which are ridiculously good, I don't drink coffee but this one is great!), more ground beef, some noodles, and some cheese. Sorry for the semi lame pics and Alvinism; more to come later my friends.

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