Thursday, October 12, 2006

Alvinisms 195, 17th in Japan, Kyoto!

"When you were a kid, it was easy. You were not afraid to try... to dare. You do it, just because you liked it. So my advice to you is, never grow up, my friends."

-Eric Cantona courtesy of Fatch of the Wildboyz

Did you know: Here in Osaka when you get on an escalator you stand on the right side and if you want to pass, you walk and pass on the left. In Tokyo it is opposite and both cities are rivals. Cool huh!!!

Thought of the day: Man oh man, work is breeze but working extra overtime can be a doozy yo!!! I've had kids training already and tomorrow I have chibi training, which is is short for Chibiko. Chibiko means midget or tiny tot. I like to consider the 2-3 year olds for Chibi as midgets w/ low vocab but whatever!

So yeah, on monday I'll be hitting up an arcade that you can play unlimited games for only 1,200 yen. Its a pretty sweet deal cuz you can use both guns in gun games and beat all the games you wanted. I'm going with a friend named David who is the biggest gamer I've ever heard of. He went to the Tokyo Game Expo and enter 15 tournaments and he won 13 of them! Dude is hella gamer status and he's gonna hook me up with like 98 episodes of "Bleach" so I could spend a day with him playing video games. Hopefully Vince will wanna tag along too.

I might have as many pictures in the next couple Alvinisms cuz I don't have anymore until then next time I got exploring. But I'll try to have a something yah? Aight then. Have great day! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-I'll cook for you

This is the train and bus station at Kyoto, the place is hella big and hella sick!!!

The walkway on the way to the Golden Pavilion. In the Autumn when the trees change colors, the place is supposed to be beautiful!

This is the Golden Pavilion, and the thing shines likes a mutha fudga!!!
Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion) was formally called Shariden. The 1st floor is Shinden-zukuri, the palace style. The 2nd floor is Buke-zukuri, the style of the samurai. The 3rd flooris Karayo style or Zen Temple style. On the roof is a Chinese phoenix. I got this info from a pamphlet. Yippeee!

The pond surrounding the Pavilion is pretty sweet, it even has its own name, Kyoko-Chi (mirror pond). Kinkakuji in Kyoto is where the Golden Pavilion is located.

Another angle of it. Honestly, it was a little smaller than I thought but it was still beautiful.

This is another walkway. If you haven't noticed...We walk...A LOT!!!

Little waterfall. There are tons of little things to look at.

Vince taking a picture. This the walkway down, it was nice. If you can't tell, I'm really sleepy now and the comments are getting shorter. Its 9:30 in the morning for ya'll and 1:30 in the morning here.

These next set of pictures are from the Higashiyama Area, it is more like traditional and old style. Its pretty sick yo.


Nice huh!

Oh yeah, starting to get artsy fartsy with the photos ya'll.

Kyoto is a huge city and there is a lot to do, not just the temples and shrines. One moment you are in a temple or shrine and ten minutes later you are walking through a giant mall or something. Sometimes history can be bastardized through the modernization of man. Ho hum...

In the Lawson's or AMPM's or FamilyMarts, they sell these...they taste just like Shopao (I dunno how to spell it). You don't know what flavor they are but they are all good. Maybe it's better if you don't know.

I saved the best picture for last. This is an ad about breast cancer. You gotta love the boobies with smiley faces!!! You gotta love pictures of boobies! Fun city! Yippee!!!

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