Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alvinisms 194, 16th in Japan

"Sometimes in life one experiences an emotion which is so strong that it is difficult to think, or to reason. Sometimes you get submerged by emotion. I think it's very important to express it - which doesn't necessarily mean hitting someone. I am very mistrustful of people who are constantly overintellectualising things. It kills passion. You have to allow yourself to lose control from time to time."

-Eric Cantona, soccer player...courtesy of Fatch of the Wildboyz

Did you know: Vince and I are supposed to play soccer on Nov. 5th and my friend I met named Kobi is gonna bboy with me at the OCAT station where everyone dances. Oh man!!! Time to get in shape!

Thought of the day: Most people would be shopping for all the crazy electronics or clothes here in Japan; but for me...I'm trying a lot of foods! Ho man, from tomorrow on, I'm gonna be doing a crapload of overtime shifts so I'll be super tired and might slow down on the drinking...or speed up! Who knows!?! Ha! Anyhow, Nick and I plan on running cuz we don't wanna be the whack gaijin soccer players.

Some days its hot and sometimes its rainy. Its so hard to judge sometimes! Recently there has been two typhoons nearby so the rain flew sideways, but only for a day. Supposedly Osaka doesn't get hit. But what is scary is how North Korea is soooo close. What the eff! Well, that's too intense so I'll leave ya'll with something funny.

Sometimes you'll see old guys dressed up as little girls on the subways. Its kinda scary, they wear wigs, skirts, tank tops, and have little dolls! Gross! Hope you have great thoughts about this before you sleep tonight! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Happy belated birthday! More to come! And thanks for the stuff too!!! Love yah!

I've super munchin dude! You don't save that much more if you cook yourself; especialy if you're trying all new foods and you can't read what you are buying. Shizz!!! Anyhow, this is a lil grocery trip I took.

Vince and I are always at this spot and we always drink Chu-Hi. Its cheap and does the trick, who cares if its like a liquor and malt beverage. Its awesome.

This is a view from a bridge crossing by my house. There is the Japanese Wal-Mart called Don Quixote, a Toys R Us, and a lot more stuff. Fun times!

This is Kobi and Yuki-Chan, she is not the owner of Giallo, his name is just Yuki. I think they are together. He's gonna session with me.

Kobi reppin the WBZ

Ben is a funny drunk Irishman. If you start clapping, he'll do an Irish song and dance for you. More fun times!!

Nick is the new Osaka Dominator. I've long retired and he can speak Japanese so he's the Pooh Bear of Japan cuz he bags all the honeys. He's also really helpful when getting around or ordering food.

This is Ayumi, she is one of the owners that own, manage, and work at Giallo, the bar that me and my roomies always hit up. Its not small or ghetto either, its really nice and Yuki makes mean Italian food! You can see the pics in the first couple Alvinisms. Don't worry, the next Alvinism will have the pictures from Kyoto yeah!!! See you then.


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