Thursday, October 05, 2006

Alvinisms 190, 12th in Japan




Did you know: Today is April's birthday. But she got two birthdays from me since Japan is 16 hours ahead!!! Plus she gets more gifts coming in the mail next week! Yippee for birthdays!!!

Thought of the day: Well, obviously the only thought is that I hope my main squeeze has one of the best birthdays today. I really wish I could be there to hug and kiss her on this important day but unfortunately I'm halfway across the world. So if you're reading on Myspace drop in a message or comment to my Sweets yo!!! She already knows everything I'm feeling; my tears and smiles she knows already so I'll keep this short. Happy birthday my girlfriend and best friend, I wish you the best and will continue to pray for you and us. Time to finish your gift and see you at lunch and/or after work honey!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-So much to look forward to. The first gift is quite amazing...shhh...I love you :)

This is another garden we went too. There is another garden next to it but it was closed.

The gardens are beautiful, you can't even tell how big they are or beautiful from the outside. Its friggin crazy.

There are a lot of nice places to sit, relax, reflect, and enjoy the garden.

Just another temple. I'm only gonna see the really famous ones cuz it would take a lifetime to see them all. is now up and running. Its fun throwing it up here in Japan cuz everyone thinks you're saying "okay"!

This is just another walkway to another temple. Seen one, seen most of em.

These are my homies, I dunno what they are but Toes call them Simon and Theodore.

This is different type of ferris wheel in Dotombori, when Preezy visits we'll take it.

Dotombori is always crackin!!! Every night!

This is the other only purchase I've made for myself. A pair of dope running sneakers that were only $30!!! So dop and soo cheap! Next Alvinism will have pics of when Ben and I went to the aquarium, see you then. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY APREEEZZZZZYYYYY!!!! I love you man and see you sooner than you think!

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