Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alvinisms 189, 11th in Japan, most pics ever.

"It's blowing smell on me!"

-This is me in reference to one of the food places that blows the smell of the food it cooks directly into the street. It's was great!

Did you know: Japan is great! I got bit by a deer! Who gets friggin bit by a deer!?!

Thought of the day: Way too much talk about so I'll just leave it to the pictures. This is only the first part of the Nara trip, cuz the second part consisted of a garden and some more temples. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Happy Early Birthday Apreezy!!! I love you dude!!!

This was the first temple we saw. It was accompanied by a five story pagoda and ther are building more for later. Read on.

This is the 5 story pagoda up close. If you look on the bottom left you can see deer. Plenty more of them to come.

Check out this deer bowing. He's knows whos the man. The deer are everywhere and are tame. You can pet them but I dunno what they got.

This one was bothering a food vendor so I tried to distract it. Obviously its used to photos so just posed. Stupid Bambi

Melon Cream Soda Fanta is really good. Its like a Jones but w/ some cream. Yum!

There were 2 guardians at the gate but they were fenced off, they are about 3-5 stories high.

A t-shirt. Nuff said.

One of the guardians is throwing up WBZ. Word up!

Have you ever seen deer feed or flirt!?! They smash their faces into it!

This one is making a face.

This is Todaiji Temple, the giant buddha awaits inside

Before you see the temple you have to go through these giant gates, to the right is Namba Park and a lot of nice scenery.

One big drawback to tame deer is that they poo everywhere. Like little pellets, and they even poo as they walk or do anything. Ergh!

The gate entrance.

Me in front of the temple, you should see this place at night cuz from the right angles, it lights up the buddha through special windows and looks spectacular.

Another angle. I'm send April some postcars so you can see it photographed professionally, its sick.

There are 2 warriors in the temple this is one.

You can't really tell the magnitude and size of the buddha in a pic, but believe it's worth the 5 bucks to see, you shouldn't miss this.

Next to the buddha are two other buddhas and the 2 warriors are on the side. I don't think warriors are the right description but whatever.

This was Vince taking it in.

Part of a pond. I'm sleepy so I'm not really writing as much anymore. Sorry.

The pond in front of the gates.

WBZ chillin

And illin

I hate deer now.

When I get back, you can see all the pics. In the meanwhile, continue to read on my friends. Peace.


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