Monday, September 18, 2006

Alvinisms 177, most pics ever

"Soul meets soul on lover's lips."

-Percy Bysshe Shelly

-Did you know: Vince and I are leaving for Japan tomorrow at around 10 in the morning. I'll be there around 7-8 in the morning so if you wanna meet us up and bid us farewell it would be much appreciated.

Thought of the day: So this is my last day here in America and its only now that trippin out that I'm actually leaving. I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go unless there is some paperwork I'm forgeting. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making these last days and weeks sooo memorable. I've also have gotten extremely fat in the process. I've completely given up on my diet for now until I go because I'll just get skinnier and skinnier there. There is so much to say but I don't know how to say it. Wildboyz you are my closest and best friends, I love you guys. Lainnee you are my best friend and I'm proud of you, take care of Preezy for me , kay Best?

Preezy Preez, I love you girl and I'm gonna come back for you. There's so much that's happened and even more to come. Sometimes, a hug, a kiss, a conversation just isn't enough to tell you how much you mean or how you make me feel. Thank you Sweets.

I thought this Alvinism would be all long and sappy, but ya'll know how to get a hold of me and will be reading about my life in Japan through the Alvinisms, so instead I just a lot more pictures in this one. Its not like back in the days when you'd have to mail a letter and wait forever for a response hopefully. Technology is good for some things.

Tonight Vince and I will be crashing at April's house after the WBZ basketball game. Everyone is gonna make it a sleep over so I'll see you suckas there. One more bash!!!

-Alvin Glen Benavidez of the Osaka Wildboyz

-Thank you thank you thank you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Tailgating is fun. Jim Beam knows how to kick my a**

This is a couple of us. Our tailgate party had a lot of people. Great tacos, Korean BBQ, beer, and a drunk Fatch = fun start

This is LaDainian Tomlinson on his first touchdown score.

Shawne Merriman is just a beast. Fatch passed out by halftime. Thanks for the beer buddy!

I went to St. Michael's church before the game at like 7:30 in the morning w/ my girlfriend and my bestfriend. Even Satan is jealous of my gorgeous entourage.

I love you and coming back for you Sweets.

These are a few of the girls that came to the beach, people sprinkled in and out all day.

It was a long long day, I had to take a Preezy's legs.

We actually went on a long walk on the beach. It was nice.
Althea and Christank are camera whores, Suze and I should jump in.

This is an awesome shot of Toe-Knee in action. He's doing a Christ Air.
Vince, Me and the party planners. Thank you so much ladies, it was one of the best beach days. Fun times with the Wildgirlz.

Some girls, Vince, and I. Is that a diaper or a one piece?

WBZ are famous. I think the look is called "Euro". No? Oh well, it was funny.

Thank you for reading my Alvinisms in America, get ready for an International adventure w/ Vince and I. Please don't stop sending messages and comments, keep my a** in the loop man. It'll be like we never left. I love ya'll. Peace. Love. Faith.

Please pray for a safe trip and noncomplicated moving adjustments. Thanks

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