Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Alvinisms 174

"Miss less, remember more."

-My old Team Millennia Captain, Ray Benitez.

Did you know: Today marks exactly one week before Vince and I both leave for Osaka, Japan. :( and :)

Thought of the day: SportsCenter is always sooooo good after the Chargers win. Here's another did you know. Did you know that I don't watch SportsCenter or most of it if the Chargers lose. In fact, I'm watching Stuart Scott and Mike Ditka rip apart the game right now. :) Happily the Chargers destroyed the Raiders 27-0. Oh yeah! Sorry Danny, Leo, Chris and all the Raider fans who are desperately scratching their heads trying to find something good to say. It was a massacre.

Preezy Preez got her new Macbook yesterday and she's super stoked as all last night at Toes house she was in the other room toying with her new toy.

This saturday we are all gonna be hitting up La Jolla Shore this saturday for Vince and I's going away Beach Bonfire Bon Voyage Bash. If you wanna bodyboard or surf, you join Vince, Ronnie, Chris, and I we'll probably take a lil walk north and surf Scripps for a while; but there will still be our pit and our spot in the grass. There should be a tent and/or canopy so there's shade and food. If ya'll could chip in w/ some food or drinks that would be great. I really hope to see ya'll there, especially maybe around the bonfire time. I love ya'll. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvin Glen Benavidez

-Macbook love

One of the very few reasons I might not be watching ESPN, Brooke Burke.

My Desperate Housewife

Carmen is still a hottie.

This is my favorite hottie though, my main squeeze Preezy Preez. Hey that rhymes! Cool!


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