Sunday, September 03, 2006

Alvinisms 167

"I'm so lucky...I"m the luckiest girl in the world."

-said Apreezy sarcastically (the funny thing is that she is reading this as I type)

Did you know: Tonight is HOB, see you there or our friendship is terminated.

Thought of the day: Yesterday was one of the best FOB parties ever at my bro's house. Thank you to Lai and Preezy for coming and enjoying all the food and festivities. I used to only have like 90 pictures but when I busted out the laptop in front of the kids and babies, I now have over 170 pictures on my photobooth. It was a really dope night. Tonight is HOB and I look forward to throwing up w/ some of you. Tomorrow is a great way to recover w/ some skating and a food! Please contribute to the cause and bring: watermelons, food, beer, alcohol, baseball equipment, food to bbq, condiments, anything would be much appreciated. Thank you guys and please respect the house. Friends forever. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvnism of the Wildboyz and Mavyn


This is April's dog, Blaize. He's the coolest small dog on the planet. You should see him after a bath cuz he goes CCCRRRAAZZZYYYY!!!

This is my 7 year old niece Reinah. She's the sweetest ever. She calls me Thunder, and I call her Lightning.

This is the birthday celebrant Sammie Benavidez. She is the chillest baby; you can pick her up and hold her and she doesn't squeel or squirm. She gonna be a social butterfly when she grows up.

Apreezy Preez, Lai and I were on babysitting duty for like an hour. The little boy is AJ, and the little girl with marker on her forehead is Arianna. Sammie is trying to type and Reinah loves the camera. BTW, AJ and Reinah are camera whores, half the pictures are of them.

These are 2/3 of the loves of my life. My grandma is the last third.

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