Thursday, August 31, 2006

Alvinisms 164

"I'm down for anything."

-Leo, Raelynn, Althea, Allan, KJ, Kimtan, Suzette, April, and I all said it. (We went to TJ for tacos last night at about 10 o'clock and even went to Club Animale for some dancing dancing!)

Did you know: Bobby Fischer's real name is Robert James Fischer.

One of the all time great films ever. I almost cried, don't ask me why, I just got really happy and intense. Dang, emo status.

Thought of day: So two weekends ago I went to the Grand Canyon and Hollywood, last weekend I went to Pasadena, yesterday we left the country and now today Vince and I are going to Los Angeles to turn in our Certificate of Eligibility and work Visa application to the closest Japanese Consulate. In about a week we'll know exactly where we'll be placed and I'll let ya'll know. Starting to get sick of driving, especially between my new and old house. Ho hum...But its okay, last night was soooo random and fun and super filling. The taco place that we usually go to was closed so we went to another place and let me tell you...dang, they hella pack the meat at this spot. I had to stop at 17 tacos cuz i just couldn't handle that much meat anymore, but now that I think of it, I miss it already and would go back for more right now. Anyone down? Thanks to all the homies that came, it was fun and I can't believe we really went to a club. Ha! Thanks for stopping the tequila guy, it would have been bad. I love San Deez. No more spending money until HOB on Sunday....and the drive-in movie Friday. Fun times! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and Mavyn

-Dog parks are fun

No need for cheese and sour cream here, all you need are fresh limes, crazy hot sauce, good friends, and the dead labradors and golden retrievers in the back. J/K, they really aren't made of dogs....or are they...hmmm...tomorrow's did you know?

Allan aka Bruce Lee aka Lance Armstrong, Althea aka Baby Mysters aka Free Hugs, Raelynn aka Baby Rico aka Rae Rae, Leo aka Leonards aka Combat Boot, Alvin aka Alvinism aka Al
April aka Apreezy aka Preezy Preez, Suzette aka Suze aka Bear, Kimtan aka the Prince aka Yoda, KJ aka K aka the General

I LOVE TJ TACOS!!!! AND GREAT FRIENDS!!!! (oh yeah, did you know you can click on these pictures for the full size and then you can save them if ya'll want. Cuz I know you wanna save these taco pics on your desktop.)

Happiness comes in many forms, this is one of mine. I'm hungry just looking at this pic.

What ya'll know about Club Animale!?! Oh yeah baby! I like couple that lock legs and sway, they are funny.

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