Saturday, August 26, 2006

Alvinisms 160

"You gave me the best feeling in the world."

-Elainne "my best friend" P. (It's not what you think it means, she talking about when she beat me in chess in Flagstaff. You are a pervhead.)

Did you know: One of Bobby Fischer's closest friends is the Filipino Grandmaster Eugene Torre who also is said to have housed Fischer for some time. If you don't know, Bobby Fischer has been hiding from the public and eluding all people trying to find him. He has done and will only do live radio broadcasts and I believe the last one was on Filipino airwaves. (I bet ya'll think I'm super dorky. Eff it, who cares. Bobby Fischer is the man.)

Thought of the day: Last night was suuuuupppppeerr fun. I thought it would be a chill night at Preezy's house with a couple homies and stuff. But it turned out we got super faded, and we got Elainne's little sis, Ernestine, to have a couple with us too! I'm proud of you dude, and I'm especially happy to know that you trusted us and were willing to try many new things last night. You should play Lai in chess and learn from her too cuz she's on the up and up yo! Anyhow, so got super drunk, and then Cile came over and was like, "ya'll still down to go to Excelsior?" And of course we were so we went to the club in La Jolla and partied more. Poor Preezy had to throw up a lot. It's okay baby! (haha) I'm in a rush so I have to leave out some details cuz the shop opens in ten minutes. See ya'll tonight at Team Millennia Dance Center's Summer Intensive Showcase (damn that title is long). Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and Mavyn

-Don't look down.

Oldie but goodie...

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