Saturday, July 29, 2006

Alvinisms 138


-Allan and Alvin

Did you know: Freddy of the WBZ is a black ninja and that me and Justin from the shop are soulmates.

Thought of the day: Yesterday was a very fulfulling day. The beach water was so warm, what day it turned out to be! (shouldn't end sentences with prepositions) I am happy. Thank you. Anyhow, Josephine's birthday was really dope even though I don't remember the whole night. Its the afternoon now and its already been a busy day. JRaz and I watch the Avengers with his 2 year old nephew Koa, went to a comic store, ate Mexican food, and went to Barnes & Noble. Now it work time!!! Tonight is a get together at Suzette's pad and then maybs Fulltown for Nellie's birthday!!! I love yah Nellie! I might not make it cuz I have the WBZ football team has 3 games again tomorrow starting at 9! Come out and support please! Okay, this Alvinism is totally off the wall but thats okay! Peace. Love. Faith.


Some of us Mavynites at a performance at Bakersfield. Do you like how everyone has a nice pretty smile and I'm looking stupid!?!

The Black Ninja aka Freddy and KJ aka the General doin the thizz face.

Edwin and I at a Padre game.

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