Friday, July 28, 2006

Alvinisms 137, Happy Bday Josie!!!

"Experience is the best teacher."

-From this Sociology book I'm reading about groups

Did you know: I have now acquired most of the pics from people from the Vegas trip, so give me like a week and I'll should have a full Vegas trip video up. Till then enjoy the teaser and get teased...

Thought of the day: Today is Josephine's birthday "FIESTA!!!" I'm having trouble deciding whether I should be a luchador or the Border Patrol. What do you think? If you don't know Josephine, she is an Original Wildgirl from Mt. Carmel and has been down since day 1! She is definitely one of the nicest, sweetest, genuine, and coolest people on Earth. Everyone should have the pleasure and honor of being her friend. Love you Jojo! CAREVJ!!!! Hahahahaha. Peace. Love. Faith.


The Vegas teaser...

Steve, Jojobean, and I

Josephine, Lai, Cile, Anabel, Alvinism in the back, and some really big guy throwing up the WBZ
Jojo and Cile, who's that creepy dude...oh nevermind its Fatch.

Do you? Obviously cuz you're reading this sucka! You wanna shirt, gimme a size and a couple bucks. I'll hook you up. Buck! Buck! Buck!

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