Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alvinisms 134

This is a conversation I had with a friend and his other friend at church, I skipped the beginning of the convo to the best part in the end. Enjoy!

Girl 1: "Oh, you're one of the Wildboyz?"

Alvin: "Yeah, we're all best friends."

Guy 1: "Who are the Wildboyz?"

Girl 1: "You don't know the Wildboyz? They're like famous." <------yeah boy!!!

Did you know: 10-15% of bras in a women's drawer are sports bras (Thank you to Black Fred of the WBZ for this one)

Thought of the day: Sadly the Purple Haze lost the playoff game last night. Its alright for the first time the team played together it was pretty good, next season is gonna be sick! So now, if ya'll can wake up and grab an umbrella, come support the Wildboyz football team on Sunday mornings! Peace. Love. Faith. Alvinism
Wildboyz Japan!!! Vince and I are confirmed to leave Sept. 19, so keep your weekends open around there cuz I wanna throw a shindig.

This is me Suzette in backseat...on the way back from Vegas. Nothing happened you pervs.

The is MC messing around with me after Tryst on Saturday night. JR and I slept in the wrong hotel that night. I love WBZ, WGZ, Vegas, and partying!


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