Sunday, July 23, 2006

Alvinisms 132

"I love your laugh." (in a totally sincere/pseudohomo voice)

-Ollie to JR

"I was about to say. I was about to kiss you."

-Ollie to me at the shop

Did you know: 3 of the 10 Wildboyz football team player have really bummy ankles: Alvin, TJ, and George

Thought of the day: I have to do this one super early if you haven't noticed. It is 1:33 a.m. and I have to sleep cuz we got 3 games tomorrow starting at 9. The games are at 9, 10, and 11. JR, George, and I are only playing 2 cuz we got work at the shop at 11, so we'll do our best to wash up and not be stinky. After that, I'm going to see my newest niece Samantha aka Sammie get blessed at Chula Vista! Its gonna be a long day. But as long as you got friends, a good attitude, and a chess set, life will always be great! Peace. Love. Faith.


These are some of the Wildgirlz, they are the most beautiful ladies on Earth!

This is Fred Dogg, he's a Wildboy and works at the shop. The only true black Wildboy, sorry George.

Toes, Free Hugs, Bluballz, and Orange Juice living up Las Vegas. We got a lot of pictures but are waiting for a few people to chip in so we can make this new one dope! Hurry! If you haven't seen the video, its on youtube keyword: WBZ please rate it well and leave an nice comment. Thank you and love ya'll!

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