Friday, July 21, 2006

Alvinisms 130

"It doesn't matter how long we live, but how."

-The inside of Beverages & More on the wall. Got this while picking up some liquor for Vegas!

Did you know: The Wildboyz are playing in another football league starting this Sunday so come and support. Also, the Purple Haze (many WBZ play for) are in the playoffs for basketball so come support them too! Also, soccer season for us comin! If you haven't noticed we like to stay active.

Thought of the day: I got a lot of cookin to do tonight. If you're close, call me up. We also have 3 games on Sunday so we are gonna be sore! Aww man, I haven't really been very active besides goofing off since my ankle injury. And before that I was just dancing so I might be a lil rusty. Oh yeah, happy birhtday to Cal, did ya'll hit up eXpose or what? Peace. Love. Faith.


This is Gemini, he used to live with me and Danny in Diamond Bar for a month or two. Those are my shoes though, Adidas Concord Snakeskins.
He's only 2 but really big and really smart, he knew how to use a radio controlled at 2! I miss him, he's in Guam with his dad. They were cool peeps. He's trying to throw up WBZ.

This is Chinese mafia Jenny. You're lucky dude, you're on my Alvinisms two days in a row! Thanks for helping me cook tonight!!! I think this was taken in Vegas in Tryst, I was pretty drunk so I don't mems. Sorry Jenny, love yah!

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