Saturday, July 08, 2006

Alvinisms 119

"I am the Clit Commander!"

-Jay from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike back"

Did you know: As you all know Verna is back from the VA and Vince is back from Europe, Wildboyz be blowin up! But did you know my friend, ex-coworker and skater Harold Daltin is in town! He's from Brazil and if you had a chance to meet him at Kadan last night, he's the funniest and coolest dude!

Thought of the day: Last night was fun for numerous reasons: Ron was the DJ, easy to get drinks, thousands of homies, Harold, Vince and Verna were in town, pre dranky dranks, fast food at Alvaros, BT and AJ were MCing. Fun times! Chess was fun too! Sorry if I got super nerdy while playing or watching; I love Chess!


This is the best thing on youtube right now.

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