Friday, July 07, 2006

Alvinisms 118


-Wilfredo Santos Jr. aka JR aka JRazcal aka Fatch aka Grandpa JR

Did you know: "Fatch" got his name one day when everyone was playing basketball at Hilltop and he didn't want to cuss so instead of saying "F**K!" he said "FATCH!!!" and that is how he got his name.

Thought of the day: What a way to start a day. The one day I get to drive my parents car to work, it breaks down on me. Not only that, Freddy who was scheduled to work couldn't make it in; therefore, no one was at the shop. Good thing I left earlier than the usual so we didn't really have much of a delay. Soo...Ollie saved me and picked me up and I dropped him off at the shop while I took his truck back to my parents car to wait for the tow truck. Then, to add insult to injury, my phone died so I couldn't talk to my dad about whether or not I had to pay the dude right there. But it all worked out and I'm still smiling. I'd like to thank 2 professors that taught me more than college knowledge, they taught me how to deal, life, and understanding there is always so much more. Thanks Dr. Zimmer and Dr. I forgot your last name but its okay cuz its what you've taught me that really matters. Okay, this Alvinism is really weird. Peace. Love. Faith.


I still like her...

Oh my oh my...

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