Thursday, July 06, 2006

Alvinims 117

"Live well, love much, laugh often."

-someone's license plate holder

Did you know: There is a fire next to Black Mountain Middle School today! This is where the WBZ first really started meeting and getting to know each other, like slap boxing at lunch or breaking in the morning. It's kinda weird that yesterday's pics were of Black Mountain too...irony.

Thought of the day: So I'm moving out of my house in PQ if you haven't heard and moving to a new house in Santa Luz, not much farther but it's not a walk from anyone anymore. I'm really bummmed about moving, I don't think I'm gonna leave my house until I leave for Japan. I'm gonna miss skating and curbsurfing out front, climbing the slope to watch fireworks, walking to Toes house, so much stuff. But I guess living in Fulltown has prepared me for letting of my old house, I'm just a lil sad. Time to go to Murtown and move my shizz back down to SD soon. Pirates at midnight tonight suckas!


Elizabeth Hurley is the most beautiful Brit in the world! Oohh la la! Did you see her in Bedazzled or Austin Powers!?! DAAAAYYYYYAAAMMMMMMM!!!

Jessica Alba...nuff said.

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