Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Alvinism 128

"I need more cowbell."

-Christopher Walken on an SNL skit

Did you know: I come to the shop 20-30 minutes early everytime I work in the morning to do my Alvinisms

Thought of the day: Both my stomach and my wallet are recovering. But Toe-Knee is recovering from a brutal day at NCAA football, I won't say the record but it's not pretty. Thank you Jenny for the chocolate milk this morning. Okay, keeping this short, I finished the Wildboyz Las Vegas teaser and will send it out to ya'll and on youtube today or tomorrow. It's pretty short cuz I want ya'll pictures of other people and to make it longer and better, so get me dem pics so I can finish it please. Thank you. Peace. Love. Faith.


This is Althea aka Myster aka Free Hugs. I told you I'd use this today.
This is my dog Kodak that we put asleep. :( He's in a better place.

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