Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Alvinisms 93, strange

Hi hi hiya this is the 93rd of the many "Alvinisms" which are cool quotes, random facts, or just thoughts of the moment everyday. Check up on the Wildboyz website also because they are on there too under the Chronicles section so you can read old ones! Sign the guestbook please and show the Wildboyz some oo la la. Peace. Love. Faith.

"Hey Filipino, come in and watch the donkey show." (if you don't know what the donkey show is, don't ask)

-One of the club promotors in TJ

Did you know: Yesterday I ate 20 tacos in Tijuana.

Thought of the day: I'm sad, happy, tired, full and so many thoughts.
Sad because tomorrow we have to put my dog to sleep. I've had him since 4th grade and now I'm just finished 17th grade (if thats what you call it). I love my dayam dog, I remember when my parents said they were going to give him to the Humane Society I sleep in the doghouse with Kodak, my dog a purebread dalmation, for 3 nights straight to show them how much I love my dog.
I'm happy because I got a response from NOVA saying that they are still reviewing my application; therefore, I still have a chance!
I'm tired because of the crazy weekend printing shirts and preparing for Body Rock.
I'm full because I ate 20 tacos, some churros, and drank a lil in Tijuana yesterday with Edwin, KJ, Toe-Knee, Althea, Raelynn, and Leo. TJ daytrips are the best I tell yah, ya'll gotta stop being fraidy cats and come play with us!
Time to go to work for six days straight.

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I know these are old photos from HOB, but I'm still collecting photos from Body Rock and TJ, dont worry, tomorrow will be dope!Haha, look at Mario's tummy peeking out! Love yah bro!
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This is me and Jenny, we look like celebrities! She's one of my best and closest friends. She also took care of me a lot in the Fullerton days, I love you dudes!


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