Thursday, June 29, 2006

Alvinisms 110

"The highest reward for your work is not what you get for it, but what you become by it."

-John C. Maxwell

Did you know: Shoeless Joe Jackson was only shoeless one time. If you don't know him he played for the Chicago White Sox in the 1916 World Series who threw the series because of the mob. But Shoeless Joe said he played to the best of his ability.

Thought of the day: Tijuana again today! This time I'm not gonna eat so many tacos. Secret Society meeting downtown, if you don't know wassup then sorry! Anyhow, I've been scanning a lot of pictures at home so get ready for some old school stuff yo! Okay, I gotta take a dump, shave, and brush my teeth. Oh yeah, I'm at the shop, I pretty much live here. Peace. Love. Faith.


This is Ollie, Lai, Cile, and I at the Santos Anniversay Party

This some of us at our confirmation retreat. Yes there are a couple of swear boys and RB heads in here. Ride together, die together, cry together.

This is some the WBZ at a morP dance. Look at Fatch's face, its funny. I don't know what Allan, Steve, and KJ are doing. They're crazy. Fun times.

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