Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alvinisms 105

"Always be prepared."
-The Boy Scouts Motto

Did you know: When I was in the boy scouts and you went up a level you had to cross this bridge and drink the blood of the new animal, example wolf blood. But it really was just V8, but back then we thought it was soooo gross that it was real. One kid even threw up! Ha!

Thought of the day: The boy scouts was a great experience and I'm glad I made the friend I did and learned a few of the things I learned. I'm still trying not to get sick and get over this little runny nose but there are a couple things going on tonight. Yesterday was KJ's birthday so I def's wanna head out to watch him perform tonight and today Celeste is celebrating her bday at Ole I think so I might make a quickie appearance. Its time to start work so I gotta go now! Hope to see ya'll at Vegas next month and a lot more more often! Peace. Love. Faith.


Thanks Rhoda, yesterday's pic was us from Disneyland, not Magic Mountain, my bad. Here is another funny pic. Look at Ed's bangs! Ha! Sorry brotha!

Did you know the boy scout's motto?

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