Thursday, June 22, 2006

alvinisms 103

"Once a bboy....Always a bboy."


Did you know: I was bboying last night and finally was able to stick a realllllly good headspin and even tucked in my body last night! I have witnesses! Its time to get back into bboying and skating and a lil bodyboarding. Hopefully I can find all these things in Japan!

Thought of the day: I'm still stoked with what happened last night, thanks to everyone who showed up. Big thanks to Ronald for spinning and its crazy how you called it to end and the cop showed up right after I opened the garage! Anyhow, thanks to Anabel for cruising out even though you were a lil under the weather. I told you I'd pray for you and your health, and I did. Hope you're feeling better today. If any of you want, JRazcal and Alvinism will be sessioning again tonight, no dj, but a lil session. TJ and Edwin I'm calling you out to get in the circle, it'll just be us so it won't be intimidating. Oh yeah, and happy belated birthday to Rhoda! You are one of the truest and most genuine people I know. We've been friends since middle school and you are still so sweet and funny, and I know you'll be one of my friends for the rest of my life. Thank you for being a good person. I love you dudes. If anyone wants to session, just call me up. Friends Forever.


This TJ after one of out awarding winning "Raid" airband performances. We took 2nd at the San Diego Pepsi Championships. We always ate at In N Out Carmel Mountain. Good times friends! Check the video on my myspace, youtube, or the wbz site. the "Indiana Jones video is up too and the Bangarang video is comin!

This is Robyn, Ellen, and Edwin. We are on our way down to St. Vincent DuPaul to feed the homeless. The date is January 1, New Years! This was a really good tradition and we all really learned something from it. Hopefully one day we can all reach out a learn a lil something from someone.

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