Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Alvinisms 102

Did you know: Today is the international Go Skateboarding Day! Time to go to work and skate!

Thought of the day: I really need to start waking up and doing these things earlier, I'm off to work with no car. This sucks, thanks Cile for picking me up! Anyhow, if ya'll ain't busy later JRazcal aka JR aka Fatch and I will be breaking at my house tonight. DJ Bluballs aka Ron will be spinning if he could make it out. Tell Anabel that I pray for a speedy recovery and wish her well. If Ron can't make it out to DJ, ya'll are still welcome to come and chill. Okay, I got run, actually skate. Peace. Love. Faith.

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Some of the WBZ at Jon Phenom art show! Dayam we all used to be sooo skinny!

The Million Dollar Gap, The Fatch, and The General at Rose's house a long time ago. Sorry KJ, hahaha! Friends forever!

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