Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Alvinisms 101, the return and departure

Hey dudes, I know I've been gone for a while now but it felt good to take a break and rejuvinate my Alvinism spirit! Its been a while so bear with me if this is a lil random. Thanks.

"Dear Alvin, Thank you for interviewing with Nova Group on May 18, 2006. As a result of your interview we are pleased to offer you a position teaching English in Japan...."

-The Nova Group

Did you know: Yesterday I got my new Macbook Pro and updated and downloaded all the new shizz! I also my confirmation packet saying that I got the job and just need to fill out my paperwork in order to teach! I'm so stoked!

Thought of the day: Congratulations to the Purple Haze aka the WBZ bball team on killing it at yesterdays game. Also a big Happy belated birthday to my dark filipino friend George! Next chance we get we should start drinking in the mornings again! I am super happy right now to be working on my Macbook but have yet so much to learn! I hope Vince was able to get my email about the packet because they are asking for the paperwork back soon if we want to be sent out by September so maybe I can pick up his mail? This is so crazy! Looks like I'm off once again except this time for good, I better stop there before I get all emo and shizz about miss you peeps. And Lastly, sorry to Cile, Lai, and some of the girls for me not wanting to go out Sunday, but now that I'm leaving for a long long time, I promise that I'll probably try to go out everyday or at least kick it! Love everybody! Bye! Peace. Love. Faith.

-The Return of Alvinism
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These are the Mavyn and Wildboyz ambassadors, no that is not Crown in the back. And Kimtan looks funny here!
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I thought this looked like a Return of Alvinism superhero picture.

www.wbz4life.com (look out for the new look!)

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