Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Alvinisms 61, a must read

Hi hi hiya this is the 61st of the many "Alvinisms" which are cool quotes, random facts, or just thoughts of the moment everyday. Check up on the Wildboyz website also because they are on there too under the Chronicles section so you can read old ones! Sign the guestbook please and show the Wildboyz some oo la la. Peace. Love. Faith.

"It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up."

-Babe Ruth

Did you know: In 1914 Babe Ruth started out his career as a left-handed pitcher for the Baltimore team of the International League. The Babe played in 163 games as a pitcher, winning 92 and losing 44, for a percentage of .676, he was one of the best left-handed pitchers the game has ever known.

Thought of the day: Okay, well I'm sure many of you have read at least 10 of my Alvinisms and only half of you have checked the Wildboyz website. Well, now you have a huge reason because on the front page is a notorious picture of me and Vince's notorious night in detox! Ha! Now all ya'll start checkin that that shit daily cuz sooner or later, it's gonna blow up like....YO MAMA! $1,000 CASH MAANEY! May 28th, lunch, and party at HOB for my graduation, I'll see ya'll there suckas! I forgot to mention that I will be performing once again with Mavyn that night some come to front and show me your titties! Haha! J/K. Here's a video of some of the Wildboyz in 2001. Enjoy. Peas.

The best video ever.


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