Saturday, December 03, 2011

Alvinisms 1323

"Man is born to live, not to prepare for life."

-Boris Pasternak (1890 - 1960)

Thought of the day: Damn, getting back in shape is seriously the hardest thing. I ran more on the ship than my time being back. I put on 8 pounds solid and have managed to hover around the loss of one. Not drinking and quazi watching what I eat will be a good start. Now just to find the motivation to get my ass into gear for the Tough Mudder

Food for thought:
Decadent blueberry banana stuffed french toast topped with greek yogurt and dripping maple syrup.
-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Sooo, this morning I woke up and saw this iceberg outside our window.
Nadia works for GAP and she was teaching me Italian. Grazie mille!
Willys Workshop is officially worldwide.
You can't tell but this tabular iceberg is over 10 stories high.
And half a mile wide.
Sometimes is snowed a lot.
And we'd slowly break through pack ice which was pretty cool.
Everyone from San Diego is fascinated by snow!
Mother Nature trying to stop us.

If you're wondering why my friend Edward is taking picture of some dude taking a a crap...
Its because the view from the crapper is spectacular!
Hoey's got my back and I've got his.


That's my boy Alister on the left and Rich on the right.
Wind burn was probably the worst problem we had to deal with.
This is "black ice", it's the oldest kind of ice because all of the air has been pressed out hence it's crystal appearance.
This was more dangerous than camping, a few of us jumping onto a thin ice floe.
Here's my go. "Land is just that way!"
Our sea whip.
Words and pictures just can't describe it.
121 likes on Facebook and counting!
Japanese tsunami relief bracelet courtesy of Jeff Lazaro.
Someone's happy.
We're on a boat! A tiny zodiak boat.
Crystal clear.
We went to a post office on Antarctica that used to be a base. We could actually purchase things on the continent here. Sugoi.
Old school bathrooms.
Communication station.
Living quarters.
BBQ night on the stern! So good!
Always meeting new people.
Beautiful sunset before our next adventure.....
CAMPING! Look forward to the next post and tons of videos.

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