Friday, November 25, 2011

Alvinisms 1320

"It's not the hours you put in your work that counts, it's the work you put in the hours."

-Sam Ewing

Thought of the day: Still so busy with things to do and damn MW3 is sidetracking me from doing it all!

Food for thought:
Dal makhani - black lentils in a spicy north Indian cream sauce. 

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz
Good bye world, time to go to Antarctica!
Ushuaia is not cheap. This is was the only quazi cheap spot for food that I found and it still was way more expensive than SD.
Holy crap now that is a long hot dog. It tasted like crap and I added every condiment available to make it edible but I was about to be on a cruise for 12 days w/ buffets and amazing dinners so its all good.
I am here.
Oh yeah, we got bumped up from the cheap shit to 1st class son! The original window was a porthole a foot in diameter!
The Discovery Lounge.
Having a big window saves sanity.
Richard Tebowing in Ushuaia.
Alvin Tebowing in Ushuaia.

The library. Believe it or not I read 6 whole books on this trip.
Safety briefing?
This bottle actually lasted a long time.
Rainbows in the beginning has to be good sign!
Dangerous. Just give us a card to charge everything on. Daaang.
One of six and amazing.
I actually managed to exercise 7 of the 12 days on the boat even though it was hard to run or jump rope on a rocking boat.
While the world is sleeping.
Its hard to shower when the world is swaying hella side to side. BTW, I did not poo in the sing.
Good morning world.
This is what a small portion of my bfast looked everyday. See that black thing in the bottom left? That's called "blood pudding" look it up.
Wash the clothes in the shower or sink. Then hang it anywhere to dry. I am the master of this.
Dinner time!
Bon appetit!
Cheers to our first day on an amazing journey.
 Yes I smoked a cigarette or two on the cruise. No more no less.
Long story short. I blew up my hair clippers so I had to bic (razor) my head for the whole trip.
Polar Bear Pub.
Mud Room. The place where we get ready to go out to the Antarctic.
Here we go! Next post will have pictures of Antarctica promise!

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