Monday, September 12, 2011

Alvinisms 1299

"If you can't return a favor pass it on."

- Louise Brown

Thought of the day: I just had one of the best weekends of my life. Starting w/ a blackout and an impromptu BBQ w/ my best friend Elaine and friends, followed by a day off of work, not to be outdone by the craziest 10 year high school reunion, can't forget the wedding of two of my favorite people Mark and Rochelle (I effin love you guys, congratulations!), oh and did I mention football started!?! House blessing at Chris' means hella good food and friends but I think what was a topper of my weekend was a simple home cooked meal by Toe-Knee's mom and boyfriend where we all got to catch up about family, friends, and just enjoy the simpler life and each others company (plus I finally like a Vietnamese dish other than their sandwiches.) I love my life.

Food for thought:

Buttery biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, bacon, sausage gravy, and cheddar. Now that is a fat kid's dream. 

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

We have a student who's parent's are award winning BBQ grill masters.

Pick up your pop on the way in.

Imagine this case times 2.

Then add many more sprinkled throughout the restaurant.

Ran out of spots to put em so why not on the roof?

Outdoor seating for beautiful San Diego.

My test is that if I don't have to add sauce to a BBQ or a sandwich cuz it's amazing on its own, then it's tops.

The atmosphere is laid back, not fancy server BBQ, not messy peanuty floor. Just classy, clean, functional, and delicious.

A delicious dry rubbed half rack of ribs, savory backed beans, jalapeno corn bread, and fries for dipping in sauces.

Fried crayfish and jalapenos w/ a frigging dope ass honey mustard! I mean, I could eat this mustard w/ ice cream type good.

Back at Allan's we get to see his driveway smashed to pieces like they were Legos.

Trucks, construction, demolition. Always cool.

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