Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alvinisms 1262

"You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth."

-Evan Esar (1899 - 1995)

Did you know: The designer of the Xbox 360 controller had a wish to make a controller looking like an animal. After experimenting with many species, he settled with bat, but there is a rare prototype in the shape of a gibbon.

Thought of the day: First thing we noticed about hiking in Portland was the foliage. There were giant green trees everywhere and plenty of tiny waterfalls and streams trickling out of every corner. That's the benefit of having rain for pretty much 9 months of the year.

Food for thought:

Juicy grilled burger with blue cheese, chipotle-blueberry BBQ sauce and fried onion rings. Blueberry!?! Sounds interesting.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Our all too familiar trailhead because in SoCal it usually leads to a vast landscape but in Oregon.....

It leads to dense foliage and tall trees. This is one of my favorite photos from the trip.

The Wildwood trail is awesome because it could literally spit you out at the randomest of places.

WBZ x WGZ: Myself, Ellen and Rose.

We ain't got these in San Diego.
The tree was wider than Rose, I should've taken it w/ her in it.

Everyone told us we brought the SoCal weather w/ us cuz it stopped raining right when we got there and it gave us perfect trails, lush greens and tons of running water.

I felt like I was in the movie Predator.

It was hiking I've never done before and I want to do again.

Very true. Nature is beautiful on so many different levels.

So I saw this thing on the trail and thought it was just a big fish lure dropped somewhere. Then I got close and saw it moving slowly and got really grossed out.

I needed something to show it's size, wish I had a quarter in my pocket.

This is as close as Rose would get to it. We jogged the whole way back but kept them in the back of our mind not to step, squish, and slip on one.

This is the closest I'd ever get to it too.

What the!?! One of the trails spit you out at a mansion!?! Yup, this is the Pittock Mansion.

I must saw they had it pretty nice back then and even by today's standards.

The song "My Girls" comes to mind when I think of this pictures. Maybe cuz it was an awesome moment or maybe just because Ellen and Rose are my girls; 4 life. For over half my life we've been best of friends. And I love them very much.

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