Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alvinisms 1245

"Some days you're a bug, some days you're a windshield."

-Price Cobb

Did you know: Sliced bread was patented by a jeweller, Otto Rohwedder, in 1928. He had been working on it for 16 years, having started in 1912.

Thought of the day: Sorry for the lack of updates. I've just started my Primary Montessori training so my nose is back in the books. Besides that I've recently just paid off my Antarctica trip so that means less drinks and bars and more movies and random adventures. So hopefully there will be more fun pictures soon instead of stumbling, bumbling, "wish I remembered that" type of pictures.

Food for thought:

Grilled burgers with asiago cheese crisps, bacon, caramalized onions and avocado. My gosh everything about this sounds amazing.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Gearing up to go back to the Cedar Creek Falls. Sorry Melissa, come back to Cali and visit soon!

This time there were many more of us.

Here we go!

My barefoot enemies.

Allan back from India.

Erwin aka ErDub was the first of the newbies to cross.

Hooray hiking.

Ah, there they are.

Reunited and it feels so good.

Forget the shoes.

Look at my awesome pose w/ my awesome slingbag in the front. Nice.

Sushi shorts!

Back once again but this time I wanted more than just a hike.

Im bummed that they groomed the trail to be windier, longer, and easier. I like, tougher, steeper, and shorter.

Al and Drea sitting up where we jump off into the water.

Er Dubs water ad.

I know you're wondering, "how did he get a photo from the top of the waterfall?"

No, I wasn't just to the side of it.

See that person on the left? That's me!!!


It was a really windy day but boy was it worth it.

Back on the level, I'm ready for something.

Eff it, I might as well cliff dive too!!!

Gearing up for the trip back.

Well deserved sustenance.

I got me a #99 (secret menu) w/ chips, water, and their cherry pepper relish.

I could eat the giant but made good choices and just went w/ the regular. Or was it a good choice?

What happened to all the other numbers?

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Melissa said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!!! I will be back to jump :)