Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alvinisms 1201

"To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person."

-Bruce Lee

Did you know:17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are located in Alaska.

Thought of the day: Today's the day. Alaska here we come!

It's 8 am and I should be sleeping in but instead I find myself going for a hike and then doing my packing. Oh well, here's to GWTW and doing what my heart tells me to do and what my brain says I'll be able to fit in.

It may be a while till I get back on.

Food for thought:

Ahi poke & seaweed salad in soy sauce & sesame oil on wonton chips.
I need this now before I explode! BJ's has a great ahi poke maybe I'll just go there for now.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

So I went on a 3 day Crab Hut binge. Starting w/ Day 1 I went w/ Kimtan and Allan. Garlic bread is a must so you can sop up all you saucy greatness.

Shrimp Full House Medium is my way to go.

But Allan and I fell in love w/ clams so now I need these little fellas w/ all my meals.

Definitely not the first and definitely not the last time I'll be seeing this sign.

Night 2 was Valentine's Day. Hahaha. Here's Joey and I relishing the moment.

Ah the sweet nectar of life.

Since Jenny was the only girl w/ us 3 guys we pretend played "Elimidate". Dammit! It looks like Kimtan is winning.

Why can't I make a regular face?

Joey I think we're out.

Greedy! Rose came along and Kimtan snagged her up too! Her face says, "WTF? Why are you guys acting so nice and wierd?"

Ever since Springtown left Rancho Penasquitos I have to try the crab/cheese wontons whenever someone offers it. They usually don't measure up too well. But hell yes! Crab Hut actually has some that are pretty damn dank!!!


Happy Valentines Day to us! Super late I know. Sorry.

Before the bathroom, Jenny washes her hands w/ lemon.

Shakey face 1

Shakey face 2

Shakey face 3

Shakey face 4

O'Briens had $10 pitchers....."HERE WE GO!"

It was a great Crab Hut binge day 2.

Crab Hut Binge Day 3 was w/ just Jenny and I. I guess I won the "Elimidate!" Hahaha. We're not much of an oyster folk but we've learned to love em together.


I do love a good soup and Crab Hut keeps surprising me w/ delicious food.

Wait, no one else makes this face before they eat?

Now it's time for Alaska to try some of the freshest salmon and other catches in the world. AAAmmmeeeeennnn!!!

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