Friday, February 18, 2011

Alvinisms 1198

"No one has a finer command of language than the person who keeps his mouth shut."

-Sam Rayburn (1882 - 1961)

Did you know: Alaska has 29 volcanoes.

Thought of the day: I just realized I should have posted these photos before the Twin Peaks hike but oh well, no one really cares. But I just wasted about 1o seconds of your life. I'm sorry. And thanks for reading anyway.

Food for thought:

Bacon waffle w/ fried chicken, gravy, pickled green tomato, and a fried egg.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Fets and I got to meet, hold, and spend time w/ baby Kira! Juli and Ren, she's beautiful.

After leaving Julz and family; Fets and I were off to see a concert at the Belly Up, but we defs needed some nourishment beforehand.

We drove from Solana Beach to Encinitas to find a random spot to eat.

We heard live music, played paper, rock, scissors and said, "this is the spot."

Antipasto Misto: Mushrooms, roasted pepper, eggplant, buffalo cheese, basil, w/ bruschetta. The beeest part.

Spaghetti Buttanesca: Tomatoes, capers, olives, bacon, w/ white sauce.

Don't remember the name of what she got but it was uber dank. Seafood and sauce always equal yummy.

I think we're about ready to see Pine Mountain Logs!

If you can tell by this picture, tall people were everywhere!

Let the strange pictures commence! Creepy eyes!

Pine Mountain Logs cover everyone. I mean eeeeeeveryone. Prince, Bob Marley, Journey, Michael Jackson, Cheap Trick, and the list goes on.

Here come the Butchers! Baaaaah!

It was a grrreat night full of singing/screaming.

Ah! A nice sisterly picture.

It looks like Linds is setting up for a shakey face.

Live music is always a plus.

Text reads something like, "Do something amazingly random that no one else is doing at this moment." Enter eyeball licking.

We pushed our way to the front for the second half.

On the back of Fets license is this sticker. And here is our faces.

I don't even think Lindsey is even trying to look like it, but it's funny anyway.

Fets has this awesome thought of making everything simple and mundane...awesome. Or something like that. Kinda like how I feel about socks. That's another story.

Good night everybody!

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