Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Alvinisms 1192

"Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life."

-Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956)

Did you know: Alaska is almost as close to Tokyo, Japan (3,520 miles) as New York City (3,280 miles)

Thought of the day: Exactly one month from now I'll be in 18 degree weather waiting for Iditarod to start. Can't wait. Until then, lets see what kind of shenanigans I can get myself into.

Food for thought:

Smoked porter, ancho, pasilla and chipotle short rib chile and black beans topped w/ cheddar and onions.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Saturday morning and the Sports Arena. You know we be at SWAP MEET!

Aisles and aisles of random fun to be enjoyed by many.

Dammit! I want my screwdriver key now!

I spy my random fun partner Fets.

We spent what seemed like an hour reading yearbooks from 1928 and making up stories and whatnot. Good times.

Straight from Hogwarts?

You now have Pink Eye.

A mechanical superhero w/.....teeth?

Nah, just me.

Fets missed out when a bunch of us went here one night. So we made up for it w/ brunch this Saturday.

My TORTELLINI: Tri-color Cheese Tortellini in Pesto, Alfredo, or Marinara Sauce & shrimp!

And Fets MACAHELPER: Creamy Cheddar Sauce with Ground Beef over Macaroni. Hers wins. Uber dankage!

Off to Hillcrest to try and find an ever elusive crazy hat.

I forgot if this was Amelia Earhart or a Norwegian Vodka model had mixed w/ pufferfish face.

Waaay too short to make this picture work.

Tried to get on the ledge but it was too hard. Seriously

Found a purple wall...While in Hillcrest right?


As if Fets wasn't vampire white enough. This picture of her making me try sour grass is tops.

You can't tell but this grass is radical! I want more!

Time to kill so why not walk the big fat Rottweiler and overweight Lab.

I miss my dogs Kodak (Dalmation) and Boogie (German Shepard mix).

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Fets said...

Dude. My tan is GREAT. So's my face.