Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alvinisms 1034

"No one forgives with more grace and love than a child."

-Real Live Preacher, Real Live Preacher

Did you know: The word 'banan' is Arabic for finger.

Thought of the day: With two trips coming up within 4 months I am not doing a good job by saving for them. The solution I've come up w/ is that someone is going to have to hold my credit and debit cards until they give approval of my purchase. Let's see how this goes.

Food for thought:

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Kelly's Bar in RB has the best reuben sandwich EVER.

First round of many Irish Car Bombs.

Allan looks hesitant to take it.

I've never seen it so packed!

You'll be seeing more of Allan and Ildi later.

My favorite Hungarian.

TJ and Matt look really tall next to Rachel and Holly.

Nice face Fred.

Something's got J and Allan really enthused.

Freddy w/ the face again! Hahaha! Are you dancing Matt?

Good times on St. Patty's day. More bombs.

Rhoda, did you earn those beads?

Vince, JR, and TJ all have a confused looks on their faces! Hahaha! Our server was soooo beautiful. She was like a Zooey Deschanel type. Have mercy.

WBZ x Brothers.

"Would You Rather Fit This In This..." conversation.

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