Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alvinisms 1010

"It's possible you can die from eating. But I think being professional don't die."

-Takeru Kobayashi

Did you know: Helen Keller won an Oscar for the documentary about her life, "Helen Keller in Her Story."

Thought of the day: One day a few of us planned to go to Tajima. Lo and behold it's packed and our whole party wasn't there yet. So...luckily there's the other Tajima with a bigger menu. So I decided to go big and try a few new items AS WELL AS the regulars. It was the biggest bill I've had at Tajima ever but awesome! Good food and good company means good times.

Food for thought:

You can't go wrong w/ a bbq pulled pork sandwiches dressed with coleslaw, hot sauce and barbecue sauce and served on a freshly made kaiser roll.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

In PQ there used to be a restaurant called Springtown. It was THE BEST and my favorite Japanese food place of all; even more so that Taji. They had THE BEST cream cheese wontons hands down and everywhere I go I have to compare them. Sorry Tajima, they were good but not Springtown good.

Japanese strip steak w/ ponzu sauce. I know you're thinking, "who's orders the steak at a Japanese restaurant that specials in ramen?" EXACTLY! That's why I tried it and it was pretty good! But sticking to ramen and karaage.

It may look like karaage but it's called "chicken mizore". Pretty much chicken in tempura and ponzu. It was worth the try but I'll stick to karaage and mayo.

Even kimchi looked good to me for the first time. I forgot to take a picture of my bowl of ramen but you probably have seen it enough.

New tradition. If eating at the Tajima on Mercury St. instead of going to Adult Emporium, we go ADULT BOOKS! Thanks Kimtan, Fets, and Mary for coming!

Gotta show face sometime you know. Why not see Del and do it.

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