Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alvinisms 993

"I have two weapons - my legs, my arm and my brains."

-Michael Vick

Did you know: It was high surf advisory this Monday.

Thought of the day: There will be pictures of Vince and I's excursion son. We hit up 5 beaches to see the surf: Blacks, La Jolla Cove, Marine St., Wind N Sea, and Big Rock. Even though we didn't get to enjoy the bigger waves than usual it was rad just to see all of San Diego poppin off like that.

Until then, don't be like these people below in 2010 and get off your ass and live life mangs!

Food for thought:

Chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto then seared and finished in the oven. The chicken was served on a bed of fluffy whipped sweet potatoes and roasted garic herbed creme fraiche.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

This is partially 24 Hr Fitness' fault for putting this here.

I'm gonna give this one the benefit of the doubt that she has a bad leg or hip.

This is just downright shameful.

Is riding the cart the cause or the effect?

Geez painters, can't you have moved it 1 foot?


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