Monday, December 14, 2009

Alvinisms 986

"If you can't bite, don't show your teeth."

-Yiddish Proverb

Did you know: I've done 1,000 posts.

Thought of the day: 1,000 posts is pretty monumental for me but it's not 1,000 Alvinisms so who knows what I'll do for that.

Don't forget to vote our San Diego Chargers into the Pro Bowl by clicking here

Last but not least. Happy birthday to my birth buddy Elainne. We're both 27 now and hotter than ever! Mwahahahaha! Love you mans. Our birthday gift exchange at Best Buy was priceless! Best gift exchange ever! Hahaha!

Food for thought:

Josephine's making some mean dishes! Like this lemon chicken, orzo pasta, asparagus, kalamata olive, oregano, relish, tzatziki sauce.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Allan threw a surprise shindig for me at his parents. Thanks man!

I miss my neighbors!

TK and I came straight from KJ's dinner rehearsal.

More neighbors I miss.

We're cute Best Friend!

Thank you Fets for stopping by even after a night of babysitting. I owe you eggs!

Some of the TGPM Crew: Allan, Laurel, Yvette, Me, and Meghan.

Siiiiiiiir Chadwick.

David and I used to bboy back in the day.

Gelly's rack.

Tina's rack.

DJ's rack.

Cile's rack.

Ro's rack.

Ro's rack.

Yvette's rack.

Meghan's rack.

Ildi's rack. BTW, she's my favorite Hungarian. Well, she's the only Hungarian I know but still awesome.

Meghan and I share the same bday BTW.

TGPM Crew got me a framed portrait of Ashley Greene aka Alice Cullen from Twilight.

2 of my best friends: Fatcho and the Local Hero.

I'm surrounded by awesomeness!

Sorry Angela, don't hate me. Meghan's my new mistress!

Shoulda cut it up in smaller pieces cuz it was so good everyone wanted more! Thanks girls!

Albert and I both love Audrey Tautou.

Thanks for getting some of the gang together broskee.

Fatch is a model for Target here.

Flo likes the collection of Beanie Babies w/ state quarters.

Thanks for coming out mama.

You want a piece of cake dontcha.

All down in one bite, I love it!

Oooops where we supposed to smile nice?


Since 4th grade. WBZ 4 Life.

After a few drinks I was droppin doing the splits w/ my girl.

Team Jacob and Team Edward suck. It's all about Team Alvin.


Bret karaoke.

Ro karaoke.

Jay karaoke.

Vince karaoke.

Ro karaoke.

Mark karaoke.

Gelly karaoke.

Shots of rice.

Sorry for lack of pictures. We'll end it with Chris trying soccer tricks.

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