Monday, December 14, 2009

Alvinisms 985

"In love, one and one are one."

-Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980)

Did you know: The Chargers won their 16th consecutive December game, extending their NFL-record streak.

Thought of the day: I had a top 5 birthdays of all time. Thank you friends, family, coworkers everyone. From the surprise get together at Allan's, KJ's wedding (including the 200+ people serenade to me), the ugly sweater party at Angela's, or the great Charger win, Bengals & Broncos loss; I was completely and thoroughly stoked. Pictures to come soon. Still have so much to go through.

Food for thought:

I don't know a lot of the words Josephine uses to describe her food. Like in this steamed red snapper in seafood bouillabaise.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Long time no see April.

Christine I knew you when you were so shmall!

Dancing in my boxers. (BTW, I was completely blacked out and don't remember any of this.)

Reading awkward lines from "Breaking Dawn" in the Twilight series.

5 on the couch all KO'd.

And I'm right in the middle of it!

Some took my camera out for walk while we slept.

Thanks for the awesome pictures whoever you are!

I woke up still drunk then starting climbing on rooftops and dancing.


Jacob (Werewolf) Alvin

Edward (vampire) Alvin

Steven and Guil observing the madness in the living room.

I wore TK's giant boots and STOMPED THE YARD!


After a shower we all packed up and got ready for the Charger game.

Toe-Knee likes this picture for its framing and light. I like because Guil is making a funny face.
Miss China aka Jenny.

I've always wanted to watch something in the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Who wants to go on a date!
Damn building makes me feel shorter.

I like shiny things.

Chachee looks so fem here. Look at his hand. Hahahaha! Nice shirt to support your boss.

Thanks for the appetizer platter Victory Nightlife!
Scott's end of the table.

Our end.

We're like one big happy family! But some of us just met that night!

Fall leaves and TK.

Can you spot the difference between this picture and the one below?

HAHAHAHAHA! We love you Scott! (Oh and look at Steven's face change too!)

Bringing it back, perfect for the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight.

Pick up Willy's new jeepney pro Birdhouse model at either Willys Workshop.


I own the video and I'll still come!

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jomo said...

lol i took those random pictures when i went for a walk in the morning. you're welcome :P