Thursday, November 05, 2009

Alvinisms 966

"A love that can last forever takes but a second to come about."

-Cuban Proverb

Did you know: Spain literally means "the land of rabbits."

Thought of the day: Shooting photos while in the water is a lot harder than I thought. Even though the waves were small it was a challenge to figure out how to be on my board and shoot, position myself for the best shot, time my new camera, not wipe out, try to surf, etc etc etc. But overall my first time out was a successful one because......MY CAMERA IS STILL INTACT!

So even in the waning hours Rene and I still managed a few shots in low light; but there's much to improve and more to capture so stay tuned and if you got a wetsuit holla atcha boy and lets paddle out!

Food for thought:

You know what's around the corner.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

First trip to test my waterproof camera and the waves were tiny.

Paddled out w/ Rene as usual.

I am here.

Yay! It's not broken!

Next time I won't try to surf and shoot.

This is Rene's "I can't believe you brought a camera out here" face.

1-2 foot waves w/ an occasional 3 or 4 footer. Overall small though.

Still gotta get used to the timing of the pictures.

November in San Diego.

And I gotta learn the best place to position myself when a set is coming in.

Oh and how not to drown while trying to surf, shoot and survive at the same time.

More to come.

Too early.

Since it was sunset all the pictures are a little dark and blurry. But you can see potential yes!?!

Baby waves can be fun too.


One day this will be a huge set and the photos will be awesome.

And gotta remember to get rid of the water drops.

Small surf but basically we learned the camera works and there's gonna be more to come. Stoked.

Next week; come by.

We got an actual jar that you can see filling up.

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jomo said...

awesome. maybe in the summer i'll hit the beach with you. i would now, but i don't have a wetsuit or springsuit. just rash guard haha.